3D Makeup Printing: A Disruptive Technology

There are two general types of technological innovations, and what Mink provides is a form of disruptive technology. A text-book definition of a disruptive technology is something that will “introduce a very new package of attributes to the already accepted mainstream of products.” What 3D printing can offer is an entire evolution in the printing industry, and using Mink as an example, it can alter the makeup industry as a whole.


Mink is targeted to young women ages 13-21 years old. Women this age are just beginning to discover themselves and their potential to define themselves among their peers and within their community. However, with Mink and the freedom to customize the makeup of their choice, these young women will no longer feel insecurity and their self-confidence will increase because now they have the power of choice and freedom in their hands to customize their own makeup, to brand themselves, and to stand out. If this generation of young women and following generations decide to purchase Mink to customize their makeup pallets, then competing companies will need to react to these new conditions and meet the new demands in the makeup industry or they will risk losing profit as well as customers.

The following video is a  music video of a Hungarian artist named BOOGIE called “Nouveau Parfum”. The video demonstrates that we should no longer let society depict the way we see ourselves.

We should be confident with our self and realize that through the empowerment of 3D makeup printing technology, society no longer will control the colors of makeup we use and the way we should use it. It is makeup with no strings attached. Mink allows girls to empower themselves and with that being said, it is a disruptive technology that will create a revolution in a world controlled by the accepted mainstream of ideals.

–Team Gamma Signing Out



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